We did not know Beata and approached the underwater art project with excitement and some trepidation. We need not have.  Not only did Beata create amazing images but she is an absolute delight to work with.  Beata was able to convert our ideas into reality and timeless pieces of art. Beata made underwater photographs of us which she then artistically altered. We were comfortable with the process –  in and out of the water !  We are thrilled with the results.

Peter & Gaby, Vancouver


Taking these pictures was a blast. It was such a refreshing diversion from the anxiety and waiting that defines the end of the third trimester.

It was a unique experience and made me feel like a supermodel for the day. And I love the results, lovely images to commemorate this amazing roller coaster of a pregnancy.
Whenever I was at a loss as to what poses or moves to try, Beata was right there with great suggestions. She has such an open mind and was willing to give anything a shot, so to speak.
Dana Sharon


The quality of Beata’s work is simply amazing.

Beata documented charmingly through her pictures the beauty and wonder of my pregnancy. She captured for me my precious moments in such a original and creative way. Even I didn’t feel very glamorous in my growing shape I was glad afterwards to get those great and unique pictures.

The photo shoot was so much fun and I felt relaxed from beginning to the end. She gave me wonderful ideas on how to pose and she was patient, caring and above all…professional.  I wish I had such unique pictures with my first pregnancy .

Thank you Beata !


Undersea.ca shows a new genre in Fashion Photography, connecting with nature and getting immersed in a different reality. Beata captured the natural beauty of silk drape and told an untold story with her photos. Under sea, everything was quiet and beautiful, movements were calm and eye catching. I found another angle of fluid textures through Beata’s Art.
I really wanted to get some pictures of my son and I that captured the bond between us and I think Beata captured this perfectly with these amazing shots.  To me they show the total trust, love and connection that there is between mother and child, and just seeing the sheer joy on his face  doing something something so simple as playing in water was wonderful.  And it’s so great to have that captured in these photos.
She was really patient and really took her time, my son and I we were able to spend a good amount of time just playing around in the pool first, so that he was really comfortable with going underwater. Whilst we were playing, she was watching and then was able to give me some great direction in what to do for the shots, she also gave me some ideas on what to wear.  I’m also amazed at how many great shots she got for the little amount of time that we actually spent underwater :)

Beata did an amazing job with our underwater shots, they are fantastic and best of all though was that my son absolutely loved it.



When I discovered that Beata created Undersee, I emailed her immediately for this project when I still had a vacation in Taiwan with my family this March. We have been discussing the cooperated opportunity, this would be a perfect start. I was seriously searching ideas for this project, because I know we were going to blast a surprise. I am glad we have almost the same taste, then we know what we would like to work without wasting time. It was amazing. So after I brought all cloth in front of her, she has knew what I wanted already. I think that is why I love her work so much, she caught the point quickly. You always can find something special from her work.

Quinn Weng


As someone who can’t swim and is generally not comfortable in the water, I was a little nervous at the thought of an underwater photo shoot.  Beata’s patience and gentle instructions were exactly what I needed to overcome my uneasiness.  I actually had fun.  The resulting photos are  breathtaking and I am beyond grateful for the experience.
Thank you!