Amanda and Koben

I really wanted to get some pictures of my son and I that captured the bond between us and I think Beata captured this perfectly with these amazing shots.  To me they show the total trust, love and connection that there is between mother and child, and just seeing the sheer joy on his face  doing something something so simple as playing in water was wonderful.  And it’s so great to have that captured in these photos.
She was really patient and really took her time, my son and I we were able to spend a good amount of time just playing around in the pool first, so that he was really comfortable with going underwater. Whilst we were playing, she was watching and then was able to give me some great direction in what to do for the shots, she also gave me some ideas on what to wear.  I’m also amazed at how many great shots she got for the little amount of time that we actually spent underwater 🙂

Beata did an amazing job with our underwater shots, they are fantastic and best of all though was that my son absolutely loved it.