Underwater Photography: A Whole New World

The depths of the ocean, in all of its’ natural splendor, remain a mystery for most as the underwater world is left largely unexplored. It is that mystery that makes underwater photography so captivating and all the more serene. Underwater photography is a specialized art that requires a keen eye and perfect timing. Artist and photographer Beata Kacy provides the best of both worlds to her clients through ‘UnderSee’, which is an up and coming water photography studio. She photographs her clients underwater in a swimming pool, in various stages of their life such as marriage, pregnancy and motherhood. All of the photographs are edited to include graphic design elements that make each look as if it were photographed miles under the sea in magical places. The resulting photographs exude the beauty of the ocean and the authenticity of human existence at the same time.

Beata is passionate about underwater photography and uses that as a catalyst to inspire her clients. Her subjects defy gravity in each photograph and seemingly float in suspended animation which captures the beauty of the moment in a uniquely artistic way. As an experienced rescue diver who has dived all over the world, Beata is trained to keep her clients safe while shooting under water. As a passionate photographer Beata provides accessories for each photography session, such as flowing silk fabrics in bright colors, and directs each pose to perfection. In a mere matter of moments the magic begins and the resulting photograph is nothing less than remarkable.

As a mother herself, Beata drew inspiration for underwater photography from her first pregnancy. She wanted to capture her 40th week of pregnancy in an environment that defied gravity and water was the perfect medium to do so. Beata found the peaceful, rhythmic movements of the water to be serene and the perfect mirror to the amniotic fluid that her yet to be born baby was suspended in. The experience left Beata feeling as if she had truly bonded with her baby. She wanted to share similar experiences with others.

When it comes to the originality of underwater photography, each image is unique and impossible to reproduce. At UnderSee, every photograph is different and a work of art in its own right. Underwater photographs make the perfect keepsake for a family keen to preserve precious memories in an exceptional way. When it comes to gift-giving, an underwater photograph of a loved one is a beautiful way to commemorate a special milestone.